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Localization in 3D Surface Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Miao JinEmail author
  • Hongyi Wu
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Problem Definition

Sensor network localization refers to the process of estimating the locations of sensor nodes with information between neighboring sensor nodes such as connectivity, local distance, and angle measurements. In real-world applications, many large-scale wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are deployed over complex terrains. Formally, a three-dimensional (3D) surface WSN is defined as follows.

Definition 1 (3D Surface Wireless Sensor Network)

A 3D surface sensor network consists of sensor nodes deployed on a 3D surface where wireless signals between nearby nodes propagate along the surface only.

Definition 2 (Localization of 3D Surface Wireless Sensor Network)

Given a 3D surface sensor network with distance measurements between neighboring nodes within their communication range, the localization problem is to recover the 3D coordinates of each sensor node.

Historical Background


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