Seaweed Farming in the Solomon Islands

  • Suwastika NaiduEmail author
  • Atishwar Pandaram
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  • Fiscal Policy: the use of government revenue and expenditure to stabilize the economy.

  • Monetary Policy: is the use of short-term borrowing or monetary base to target inflation rate or interest rate so that price could be controlled.

  • Transmission Mechanism: refers to the path through which the micro- and macroeconomic stimulus translates into output.


Seaweed farming is one of the sustainable industries, not only in the Solomon Islands but in a number of the Pacific Island Countries. There are numerous opportunities for expansion of the seaweed exports from the Pacific Island Countries. According to the Solomon Island Times (2013), there are many opportunities for value adding of seaweeds from the Solomon Islands. There are two important advantages of value adding seaweeds. First, the price of processed or semi-processed seaweed is higher than that for unprocessed seaweed. If prices are high, seaweed...

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