Failure of Corporate Governance in Banking Sectors of Bangladesh

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Public and private bank

Public banks are those banking institutions where the majority shares are owned by the government, and private banks are those banks where the majority shares are owned by private persons.

Nonperforming loan

Nonperforming loan is a loan that is in default or close to being in default. They are nonperforming as the loans cease to perform or generate income for the bank (BB 2017).


A state of affairs in which the objectives of policy; its legal, institutional, and economic framework; policy decisions and their rationale; and data and information related to monetary and financial policies, and in terms of agencies’ accountability, are provided to the public on an understandable, accessible, and timely basis (IMF 1999).


Accountability exists when there is a relationship where an individual or body and the performance of tasks or functions by that individual or...

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