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Kaufman, Scott Barry

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Scott Barry Kaufman is the scientific director of the Positive Psychology Center’s Science of Imagination Project at the University of Pennsylvania. Kaufman is a cognitive and personality psychologist who conducts research, writes, and gives talks on intelligence, creativity, personality, and giftedness. He also teaches an undergraduate course on positive psychology at UPenn.

Early Life and Educational Background

Scott Barry Kaufman was born on June 3, 1979, in Philadelphia, PA. His early career ambition was to be an opera singer, and he continues to sing musical theater and dance (even auditioned for American Idol). He earned his BS in 2003 in psychology and human-computer interaction (minor in music performance) from Carnegie Mellon University where Anne Fay, Herb Simon, and Randy Paunch were his primary mentors. In 2005 he earned his M.Phil in experimental psychology at Cambridge University where he was a Gates Cambridge Scholar. After Cambridge, he entered the Cognitive Psychology...

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