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Bleidorn, Wiebke

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Early Life and Educational Background

Wiebke Bleidorn was born on May 12, 1982, in Minden, Germany. She completed her Masters of Science degree in psychology under the supervision of Alois Angleitner, PhD and Fritz Ostendorf, PhD at Bielefeld University. She completed her PhD under Rainer Riemann, PhD at Bielefeld University where she studied individual differences, behavioral genetics, and personality assessment with an emphasis on the lifespan development of personality characteristics. Her dissertation focused on the patterns and sources of stability and change in personality traits and goals.

Professional Career

Wiebke Bleidorn is an Associate Professor in the social/personality program at the University of California, Davis. She spent her first few years of professorship at Tilburg University, the Netherlands. She was then hired as an Assistant Professor at the University of California, Davis where she was tenured and promoted to Associate Professor in 2016. She has authored...

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