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Religion in Venezuela is a mix of an African-influenced, relatively relaxed, Caribbean style religious engagement with a Pentecostal flourish build on top of an historic Catholic tradition and institutional presence. The Catholic Church in Venezuela, as was the case in most of Latin America and the Mediterranean world, experienced oscillating fortunes at the hands of the state and economic elites over the centuries. As a result of these struggles, there is a certainly independent ecclesial sensibility even as it exhibits a characteristically Catholic institutional depth and care for broad social concerns. Today, approximately one in five Venezuelans are evangelical Christians, perhaps two-thirds or more identify as Catholic, and there is a clear presence of non-Christian traditions as well. It is this religious reality, at times very practical, at times other-worldly, that informs in part how Venezuelans make sense of their lives and relate to ultimate concerns.



Venezuela Pentecostalism Protestantism Catholicism Patronato Maria Lionza 
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