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Union of Argentine Muslim Women (UMMA)

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The Union of Argentine Muslim Women (UMMA) is an organization involving Shi’a Muslim women of immigrant origin and Argentine converts in Buenos Aires. The organization is linked to the At-Tawhid mosque in the same city. It claims to be the first Islamic organization for women in Latin America. Its main objectives are the spread of Islam and the participation of women in cultural, social, and religious activities.

Shi’a Muslims and Their Organization in Argentina

In some Latin American countries such as Brazil and Argentina, there are significant communities of Shi’a Muslims as well as Sunni Muslims. In Argentina, Shi’a Muslims constitute an important group mainly composed of immigrants from Lebanon, who arrived in the country between the end of the nineteenth and the mid-twentieth centuries. New generations of these immigrants now constitute the majority of the Shi’a community in the Floresta neighborhood in Buenos Aires, although the number of converts has increased in...


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