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This chapter provides a review of the developments of shearography and its applications in nondestructive testing (NDT) and evaluation (NDE). Shearography, or speckle pattern shearing interferometry, is an interferometric technique for full-field, non-contact measurement of the first derivative of surface deformation, which is strain information. It was originally developed to overcome several limitations of holography by eliminating the reference beam. Consequently, shearography is an interferometric technique that has very high measurement sensitivity but, through its direct measurement of strain information, is less sensitive to environmental disturbances. Therefore, it is a practical tool which can be used in field/factory settings. Furthermore, the self-reference system has a simple optical layout and balanced optical paths, which enables the construction of a very compact and practical shearographic sensor using a cost-economical diode-laser. In NDT, shearography reveals defects in an object by identifying defect-induced deformation anomalies through the display of strain concentrations (i.e., first derivatives of surface deformation). Shearography has already received considerable industry acceptance, in particular for nondestructive testing of such materials as composites and honeycomb structures. Another application of shearography is for strain measurement. This chapter focuses on the digital version of shearography for NDT. After discussion of the fundamentals of shearography, the recent developments and applications of shearography, as well as its potential and limitations, will be demonstrated through examples of NDT for different applications.


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