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Prewitt-Freilino, Jennifer

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Jennifer Prewitt-Freilino is a faculty member at Rhode Island School of Design. She is a social psychologist whose work primarily explores the cultural significance of gender, from the influence of gender roles, the intersectionality of gender and other social identities, as well as the impact of gendered language on cognition, social interaction, and systems of gender oppression.

Early Life and Educational Background

Prewitt-Freilino earned a B.A. in Psychology from Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas, in 2002. She then earned her M.S. (2004) and Ph.D. (2007) from the University of Oklahoma in Norman, OK, under the direction of her advisor, Jennifer Bosson.

Professional Career

Since graduating from the University of Oklahoma in 2007, Prewitt-Freilino has been a full-time faculty member at the Rhode Island School of Design, teaching courses like Gender and the Media, Stereotypes and Prejudice, as well as The Psychology of Evil. She has published work in the Journal of Personality and...

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