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Buros Mental Measurements Yearbooks

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The Mental Measurements Yearbooks (MMY), published by the Buros Center for Testing, are a series of publications that provide reviews of new and revised assessment instruments; each yearbook is intended for use as a reference when selecting tools to measure a variety of specific psychological characteristics, personal skills, and abilities.


In 1938, Oscar Krisen Buros published the first Mental Measurements Yearbook, creating a space for scholars to provide critical reviews of new and recently revised tests. By providing this important information to practitioners and the general public, Buros believed that the quality of standardized testing science and practice could both be improved (Carlson et al. 2014). In 1974, Bennett provided a summary of the various responses to the first edition of the MMY, indicating that readers of the first edition of the MMY seemed universally pleased, sending more than 100 letters of...

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