Fillers and Collagen Stimulator for Body Rejuvenation and Cellulitis

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More and more we have noticed the use of fillers in extra-facial regions with the aim of improving sagging and firmness. Dermal fillers, as a category of implantable medical devices, consist of a wide array of products that differ significantly in their chemical composition, mechanism of action, duration, safety, and interaction with host tissues. Their ability to synthesize new collagen and their rate of metabolism are the important rules that must be followed when it comes to body rejuvenation. It is the aim of this chapter to present a review in the literature and to estimate the safety and results of this new technique in order to improve the skin tones and irregularities (atrophies) of the skin surface in the body area, such as the neck, thighs, abdomen, brachial zones, as well as buttocks.


Body rejuvenation Collagen stimulator Biostimulators Fillers Hyaluronic acid Poly-l-lactic acid Calcium hydroxylapatite 


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