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Primary and Secondary Auditory Cortex

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Parts of the auditory cerebral cortex.


The auditory cortex involves a complex organization of connections between cells in order to process auditory information (Moller 2013). Based on an elaborate network of intrinsic and extrinsic connections, the auditory cortex is responsible for the conscious perception of sound and provides the foundation for the comprehension and production of meaningful sounds (Hackett 2015). Moreover, the auditory cortex is defined by the areas of the cerebral cortex that receive thalamic input from one or more divisions of the Medial Geniculate Complex (MGC) (Hackett 2011). The complete anatomy of the human auditory cortex is not completely known, and there is no common consensus amongst investigators regarding the names of the human auditory cortices. Furthermore, the exact anatomic location of the auditory components of the auditory cortex in humans varies from one person to another (Moller 2013)....

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