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Birdwhistell, Raymond

  • Armine Gevorkyan
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Raymond “Ray” L. Birdwhistell, Ph.D. (1918–1994)


Raymond “Ray” L. Birdwhistell was an American Anthropologist who was well known internationally for his significant contributions to the field of nonverbal communication or body language. He coined the term kinesics, the part of nonverbal communication that deals with postures of the body and movements of various parts of the body that play a role in communicating. He contributed many writings to the field of nonverbal communication including, 2 books and about 15 papers published in prestigious professional journals such as, Schizophrenia; Group Processes: Transactions of the second conference; and Lectures on Experimental Psychiatry. He was also involved in the making of numerous films, such as Microcultural Incidents in Ten Zoos; TDR-009; and the Lecture on Kinesics by Ray L. Birdwhistell at the Second Linguistic-Kinesic Conference Nov. 4–7, 1964.


Raymond “Ray” Birdwhistell received a bachelor’s degree in 1940...

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