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Founded in 1945 in the capital of Acre by Daniel Pereira de Mattos, Barquinha is a diverse, complex, and syncretic religious system. Within the context of the Brazilian ayahuasca religions, the exuberance of its symbolic system, the expressive presence of mediumistic practices and elements from the Afro-Brazilian religions, and its very intense ritual life may be considered Barquinha’s central distinctive features. Numerically, it is the smallest of these religious movements. Furthermore, different from Santo Daime and the UDV, this group has little tendency toward expansion and, until recently, remained practically restricted to the state of Acre.


The three Brazilian ayahuasca religions – Santo Daime, União do Vegetal (UDV), and Barquinha – began among the caboclos(“mixed-blood” populations) in the Brazilian Amazon between the 1930 and 1960s. They were founded by charismatic leaders who immigrated to the jungle as part of the rubber boom and created religious...


Brazilian ayahuasca religions Santo Daime Popular Catholicism Afro-Brazilian religions Mediumistic practices 
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