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Kardec, Allan

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Allan Kardec founded Spiritism in France. It is a doctrine which is all at once: philosophical, scientific, and religious. Through the systematization of messages dictated by superior spirits through various people known as mediums, he published books and a journal on the study and dissemination of communication with the spiritual world. Spiritism differs from other spiritualist branches which also emerged in the nineteenth century due to its emphasis on reincarnation and the worship of Jesus Christ which result in charitable practice. Didactically, Kardec developed his works and activities seeking to be based mainly on the Christian principle: “Outside of charity there is no salvation”. His legacy is a doctrine whose greatest challenge is the balance between the scientific and the religious dimension.


Kardec was born in the city of Lyon in 1804 in a middle-class Catholic family and was baptized as Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail. He was sent by his parents to...


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