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Reiyukai (Society of Friends of the Spirits) is a Nichiren-associated neo-Buddhist group of Japanese origin.

Key Information

Reiyukai is considered one of the Japanese new religious movements and probably the oldest of the major modern Nichiren sects (Clarke 2013, p. 203). It was founded by Kakutaro Kubo (1892–1944) in 1924 as an informal association, and its first president was Kimi Kotani (1901–1971). She married Kubo’s brother, Yahukichi Kotani, in 1925.

Reiyukai was formally inaugurated in Tokyo in July 1930 and was incorporated as a religious juridical person in March 1946. According to the group, Mr. Kubo believed that the teaching of Shakyamuni Buddha would be a very good way to stop the social and cultural upheaval that Japan was going through. Western culture was making an impact, “there was rapid industrialization, social liberalism, economic crisis and the destruction caused by the Kanto earthquake of 1924” (Clarke 2013, p. 203). A combination of rapid urban...


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