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Trophoblastic Tumors

  • Maurizio ColecchiaEmail author
  • Alessia Bertolotti
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Chorionepitelioma; Trophoblastic malignant teratoma


Choriocarcinoma (CC) is an aggressive neoplasm that recapitulates the placental trophoblastic cells of the extraembryonic chorion, including cytotrophoblastic, intermediate trophoblastic, and syncytiotrophoblastic cells.

Clinical Features

Pure choriocarcinoma is an extremely rare tumor with an incidence of 0.8/100000 in countries with a high incidence of GCTs (0.3% of testicular GCTs), and it occurs in 6.4–17.8% of mixed GCTs. CC often occurs with signs or symptoms attributed to a distant metastasis, such as haemoptysis, abdominal mass, neurological dysfunction, anemia; serum human chorion gonadotropin is frequently >50,000 IU/L. Gynecomastia and thyrotoxicosis are infrequently observed. Proclivity for high-stage presentation, including presence of distant metastasis to the lungs and liver, hematogenous spread, and poor outcome are reported. It is unclear whether testicular GCT with a predominant CC...

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