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Nephrogenic Adenoma

  • Maria Rosaria RaspolliniEmail author
  • Antonio Lopez-Beltran
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Nephrogenic metaplasia


Metaplastic change characterized by small tubules lined by a single layer of cuboidal, flat, or hobnail cells containing eosinophilic secretion with features similar to mesonephric tubules.

Clinical Features

  • Incidence

    This is an uncommon lesion. Most patients have a previous bladder surgery or irritants such calculi or trauma, or kidney transplantation.

  • Age

    Usually seen in adults but rare in children

  • Sex

    Male: female: 3:1

  • Site

    The bladder is the most common (55%) followed by urethra (41%) or ureter (4%).

  • Treatment


  • Outcome

    Benign outcome


These are less than 1 cm polypoid, flat, or papillary lesions. Large size examples have been reported.


The most common microscopic pattern is tubular (Fig. 1). The tubules are small, hollow, and round and sometime elongated. Other patterns are cystic (Fig. 2), papillary, and polypoid and less frequently with a diffuse pattern. Tubules and cysts are lined with cuboidal, hobnail...
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