An Overview of Small Satellite Initiatives in Brazil

  • Rodrigo LeonardiEmail author
  • Adriana Elysa Alimandro Corrêa
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This chapter presents an overview of past and ongoing small satellite-related initiatives in Brazil and discusses the importance of these initiatives on several fronts such as education, training, research, science, applications, and business opportunities in the context of the Brazilian space sector. For this purpose, a brief history of early initiatives in the 1990s is provided together with a description of recent national small satellite projects, from mini down to pico-space objects, and an examination of synergies with other space activities in Brazil. This compilation of the major facts about the use of small satellites in Brazil is a helpful contribution for professionals interested in space activities in the country and in South America.


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The authors thank Dr. Adenilson Roberto da Silva, INPE, Brazil, and Jośe Machao, Telecom Argentina, for useful discussions and insights for this chapter and thank Bernardo dos Santos Veras, Fernanda Muro, and Renato de Brito do Nascimento Filho, AEB, for helping with formatting figures and double-checking facts. Although R. Leonardi and A. E. A. Corrêa are directly involved in some of the initiatives reported in this overview chapter, the authors acknowledge that this summary is mostly a compilation of third-party studies and work and express their gratitude for the Brazilian space community that support and carry on small satellites activities in the country. Finally, the authors thank Dr. Joseph N. Pelton for motivating them to share some aspects of the Brazilian space activities among colleagues and people interested in the field.


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