Electronic Beam-Scanning Technology for Small Satellite Communication Systems and Their Future Development

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The rapid development of a new antenna technology known as electronic beam-scanning systems, phased arrays, flat panels, and other phraseologies has opened up new vistas for antenna solutions of twenty-first-century satellite communications. This technology has the potential to be applied in the deployment and use of MEO, LEO, and small satellite constellations, in addition to supporting ground systems of GEO/MEO/LEO satellite networks. In particular, it holds the promise of expanding the addressable market for mobility applications of satellite networks by virtue of reducing size, weight, power, and cost compared to mechanically steered antennas. Development of this technology for space antennas and ground systems is still evolving. This chapter describes the nature of electronic beam-scanning antennas, the technology challenges, their applications, and state-of-the-art solutions.


Electronic beam-scanning antennas GEO satellite systems Integrated Space and Terrestrial Networks (ISTN) Low earth orbit (LEO) satellites Medium earth orbit (MEO) satellites Modular and scalable phased-array architecture 


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