New Launchers for Small Satellite Systems

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The “smallsat” revolution has created a new and immediate need for additional launch capabilities for a variety of small payloads, ranging from 1-U CubeSats to larger smallsats of various different designs and applications, ranging up to 500 kg or even larger. An important component of this new market is the variety not only of types of satellites and organizations building them but also the new, very large constellations that will be launching hundreds and even many thousands of small satellites that will drive many of the new launcher needs. Part 4.1 has covered the traditional and existing launch capabilities, such as Soyuz, Ariane, Delta, Atlas, the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle, Long March, etc. Other articles in this section also discuss several of the new launch options available and their smallsat capabilities and rideshare options as well. These launch options include (i) the SpaceX Falcon launchers; (ii) Blue Origin and their New Glenn launcher; (iii) the new Vulcan launcher that will be a part of the launch services offered by the United Launch Alliance; and (iv) the Ariane 6. In this chapter, the main objective is to consider the many new entrants into the launch industry in recent years that have specifically targeted this emerging new launch market but, in most cases, have not yet flown. The new launch vehicles that are being proposed and built for small satellite launches and how they will accommodate these many small satellite systems and their launch requirements are discussed.


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