Encyclopedia of Sustainability in Higher Education

2019 Edition
| Editors: Walter Leal Filho

Green Universities and Sustainable Development

  • Stephane Louise Boca SantaEmail author
  • João Marcelo Pereira Ribeiro
  • José Baltazar Salgueirinho Osório de Andrade Guerra
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University that aims for sustainability in all its aspects, such as Green Teaching (including resumes), Green Research, Green Building and Green Campus.


Climate and environmental changes turned sustainability into a mandatory theme of discussions in the international agenda, by both public and private organisms in diversified sectors, including institutions of education. Universities may influence society by increasing awareness with knowledge, capacities, and values. Therefore, when university is a model to follow, it may be seen by society in a positive way. Based on these ideas, organizations working in favor of the natural environment have urged for the participation of universities on sustainable development (Wang et al. 2013; Zhao and Zou 2015).

The first declaration mentioning sustainability in higher education was the Stockholm Declaration in 1972, suggesting different approaches to reach...

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