Encyclopedia of Sustainability in Higher Education

2019 Edition
| Editors: Walter Leal Filho

International Networks and Sustainable Development

  • Issa Ibrahim Berchin
  • Ana Valquiria Jonck
  • José Baltazar Salgueirinho Osório de Andrade GuerraEmail author
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Worldwide environmental, economic, and social changes are putting pressure on natural resources and jeopardizing the ability of adaptation and social development, particularly of poor and developing countries (Curran-Cournane et al. 2014; Headey and Jayne 2014; Gulati et al. 2013). Therefore, international networks and cooperation emerge as key strategies in promoting sustainable development, through technological transfers, financial aid, and capacitation, while also providing exchange of data, information, communication, and knowledge about the specific needs and challenges of communities, enabling joint actions to solve them (Pattberg and Widerberg 2016; Berchin et al. 2018; Haselip et al. 2017; Huang and Quibria 2015).

Since 1972, the United Nations has urged for the establishment of an international network among communities,...

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