Encyclopedia of Sustainability in Higher Education

2019 Edition
| Editors: Walter Leal Filho

Engineering Education for Sustainable Development

  • Subarna SivapalanEmail author
  • Mike J. Clifford
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The engineering education for sustainable development definition used in this chapter is adapted from the description provided by Byrne et al. (2010), i.e., education that emphasizes the need for engineers to play a significant role in developing technically, environmentally and socially responsible innovations. This entry discusses engineering education for sustainable development. The entry begins with a brief introduction of sustainable development and the engineering profession. It then proceeds to discuss current progress within engineering education for sustainable development within the context of higher education, specifically universal declarations, charters, and partnerships within the area, engineering education accreditation and the position of sustainable development within accreditation, and the manner in which institutions of higher learning integrate, adapt, and engage with engineering education for sustainable development. The entry ends with challenges...

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