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Computing Curricular Report IT2017, A Summary

  • Hala AlrumaihEmail author
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Over the years, the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) has directed many efforts to create a series of curricular documents that are ongoing even today. In 2008, ACM and the IEEE Computer Society (IEEE-CS) published the first curricular report for information technology (IT), called IT2008 (Lunt et al. 2008). Since that time, many new technologies emerged and flourished. In 2012–2013, ACM formed an exploratory committee to decide whether IT2008 required updating. After an affirmative response, ACM formed a task group charged with developing an update of IT2008 that was appropriately forward looking to prepare graduates for the mid-2020s. The report is the 2017 document titled, “Information Technology Curricula 2017: Guidelines for Baccalaureate Degree Programs in Information Technology,” known also as IT2017 report (Sabin et al. 2017a). This chapter provides a summary of the IT2017 report and the IT curricular framework. Developing such guidelines for high quality,...

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