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Omnidirectional Stereo

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Omnidirectional stereo (ODS) is a type of multi-perspective projection that captures horizontal parallax tangential to a viewing circle. This data allows the creation of stereo panoramas that provide plausible stereo views in all viewing directions on the equatorial plane.


The term “omnidirectional stereo” was first coined by Ishiguru et al. [1] in 1990, who used it in the context of autonomous mapping and exploration of an unknown environment. Their approach places a video camera on a rotating arm that is driven by a stepper motor (see Fig. 1). They then take vertical slit images from the sensor image for creating the left/right stereo panoramic views. As their primary goal is to map an environment, they use ODS images for depth estimation of scene points rather than display. They also present a binocular stereo method for...
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