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Object Detection

  • Yali Amit
  • Pedro FelzenszwalbEmail author
  • Ross Girshick
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Object detection involves detecting instances of objects from one or several classes in an image.


The goal of object detection is to detect all instances of objects from one or several known classes, such as people, cars, or faces in an image. Typically only a small number of objects are present in the image, but there is a very large number of possible locations and scales at which they can occur and that need to somehow be explored.

Each detection is reported with some form of poseinformation. This could be as simple as the location of the object, a location and scale, a bounding box, or a segmentation mask. In other situations the pose information is more detailed and contains the parameters of a linear or nonlinear transformation. For example a face detector may compute the locations of the eyes, nose, and mouth, in addition to the bounding box of the face. An example of a bicycle detection that...
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