Time Flies: A Reading Diary

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In Time Flies: A Reading Diary (1885) Christina Rossetti (1830–1894) charts the devotional experience of the Christian over the course of a year, recreating in microcosm the rhythms of the soul’s lifelong sanctification. Rossetti structures her reading diary according to the civil calendar year, emphasizing the “daily-ness” and immanence of lived Christian experience. Within the framework of the civil year, Rossetti also guides her readers through the ecclesiastical year, synchronizing sacred and secular time and imitating the paradox of Christian living emphasized by Tractarian typological hermeneutics: the kingdom of God is already here but has not yet come. In Time Flies, faith is lived out within the temporal but exists as a habit of and type of the eternal, imbuing it with the power to determine the material.


Christina Rossetti’s (1830–1894) Time Flies: A Reading Diarywas published in 1885, succeeding four previous devotional works and further...


Rossetti, Christina Devotional prose Poetry Theology Religion Tractarianism Anglo-Catholicism 
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