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Dame Mary Scharlieb was a woman doctor who began her medical education and career in Madras, India, where her husband worked as a barrister. She became interested in medical jurisprudence and the cases concerning Hindu and Muslim women who did not receive adequate medical care because of the local practice of female seclusion, which prevented male doctors from attending to women. She was one of the first of four women to attend Madras Medical College and earned her Licentiate in Medicine, Surgery, and Midwifery. Scharlieb returned to England in 1878 and attended courses through the London School of Medicine for Women. In 1882, she earned a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery with second-class honors in Surgery and in 1897 a Master of Surgery. After returning to Madras in 1883, she kept a busy medical practice and worked at the Royal Victoria Hospital for Caste and Gosha Women. She served as a lecturer at the Madras Medical College and an Examiner in Obstetrics and Gynecology at...


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