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Eastlake, Lady Elizabeth [Elizabeth Rigby]

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Lady Elizabeth Eastlake (née Rigby) (1809–1893) was a prolific journalist and a writer on art, although she is merely glimpsed in the indexes of much art-historical scholarship. Notwithstanding recent publications exploring her wider work and critical commentary on culture, she remains most cited in Victorian Studies for her infamous reviews of Jane Eyre and Modern Painters.


Elizabeth Rigby was born in Norwich, the daughter of obstetrician and gentleman farmer, Dr. Edward Rigby, and his second wife, Anne Palgrave. The Rigbys owned a country estate at Framingham Earl, near Norwich, where Dr. Rigby perfected the latest techniques of animal husbandry and crop cultivation. Dr. Rigby was also a leading obstetrician, an advocate of public health measures and, at one time, Mayor of Norwich. Elizabeth was educated at home and showed a precocious talent for drawing, nurtured under the tutelage of various local artists, including the landscape painter John Sell Cotman....


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