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Principle of Solidarity

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The principle of solidarity is a socio-ethical and political concept which states that it is fair and just that benefits and obligations are justly shared between members of the society.

Description of the Principle of Solidarity

The name of the principle is derived from a French word solidarité, meaning solidarity or support. In modern Europe, the word solidarity gained much attention in the 1980s, thanks to social and workers’ movement Solidarność in Communist Poland which was led by Lech Wałęsa and which played an essential role in the advocation of workers’ and social rights.

The fundamental idea behind the principle of solidarity is a Christian understanding of a person as an individual substance of rational nature which has intrinsic value. Interconnected persons create societies. Due to interconnectedness, rationality, and intrinsic value belonging to a person, people bear the responsibility for the community. In turn community, as a group of persons, has a...

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