WTE: Gasification and Pyrolysis in Japan

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Thermal process that involves the reaction of carbonaceous feedstocks with oxygen-containing reagents, usually air, oxygen, steam, or carbon dioxide, generally at temperatures in excess of 800 °C


Municipal solid waste


Polyethylene terephthalate




Thermal process that implies the degradation of the organic materials at temperatures in the range of 400–800 °C and in the absence of oxygen or other reagents


Refuse derived fuel


Molten ash


Shedder residue

Definition of the Subject and Its Importance

The major technologies used in Japan for energy recovery from municipal solid waste (MSW) are moving grate waste-to-energy (WTE) plants, some combined with ash vitrification and disposing of ash in monofills. However, shortage of landfill space and the Japanese Containers and Packaging Recycling Law have stimulated active R&D and commercialization of relatively novel thermal treatment processes based on gasification and...


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