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B-Actin Deficiency

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  • Tali Stauber
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Beta-actin (ACTB), one of the actin isoforms, is an important cytoskeletal protein. Mutations in the ACTB gene were found in Baraitser-Winter cerebrofrontofacial syndrome. In one patient, immunodeficiency of neutrophils was identified.


Actins are a family of highly conserved cytoskeletal proteins that play fundamental roles in nearly all aspects of eukaryotic cell biology. The ability of a cell to divide, move, endocytose, generate contractile force, and maintain shape is reliant upon functional actin-based structures. The importance of the cytoskeleton in mounting a successful immune response is evident from the wide range of defects that occur in actin-related primary immunodeficiencies (PIDs). Actin isoforms are grouped according to expression patterns: muscle actins predominate in striated and smooth muscle (ACTA1 and ACTA2, respectively), whereas the two cytoplasmic non-muscle actins,...

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