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Metadata Interchange Specification

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Metadata Interchange Specification (MDIS) is a standard proposed by the Metadata Coalition (MDC) for defining metadata.

Key Points

Metadata Coalition (MDC) was an organization of database and data warehouse venders founded in October 1995. Its aim was to define a tactical set of standard specifications for the access and interchange of meta-data between software tools.

In July 1996, Metadata Interchange Specification (MDIS) 1.0 was officially ratified by MDC.

The MDIS Version 1.0 specification represents Coalition member input and recommendations collected and synthesized by the Coalition’s technical subcommittee which included representatives from Business Objects, ETI, IBM, Platinum Technology, Price Waterhouse, Prism Solutions, R&O and SAS Institute. The latest version of MDIS is 1.1, which was published in August 1997.

The Metadata Interchange Specification draws a distinction between:
  • The Application Metamodel – the tables, etc., used to “hold” the...

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Recommented Reading

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    Metadata Interchange Specification (MDIS) Version 1.1. Available at: http://www.eda.org/rassp/documents/atl/MDIS-11.pdf.

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