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2018 Edition
| Editors: Ling Liu, M. Tamer Özsu

Replication with Snapshot Isolation

  • Carsten BinnigEmail author
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Replication with Snapshot Isolation; Snapshot Replication


Database replication is concerned with the management of data copies residing on different database nodes (also called sites). The main propose of replication is to achieve scalability and availability of database systems which are both very important design goals in modern cloud deployments. A main challenge of database replication is replica control, which keeps the copies at different sites consistent. Replica control needs to be combined with mechanisms for concurrency control in replicated databases to guarantee a globally correct execution of transactions under replication.

The ideal goal for a replicated database is to provide the same consistency level as in a centralized database system without any replication. Early work has concentrated on providing a consistency level that is called one-copy serializabity; that is, the replicated database should appear just like an unreplicated database with...

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