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Ranking Views

  • Vagelis HristidisEmail author
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Ranked materialized views; Ranked views


Let R be a relation with n attributes (A1,…, An), and let f(t) be a ranking function that assigns a score to each tuple t in R. Then, ranking view Rf is a view on R where tuples are ranked by their (most commonly decreasing) f(t) scores. For example, R may store restaurants with attributes price and rating, and f may be 0.4*price+0.6*rating.

A key problem is how to efficiently maintain one or more materialized ranking views (corresponding to ranking functions) over a relation R. Another key problem is how to use a set \( \mathrm{V}=\left\{{\mathrm{R}}_{\mathrm{f}1},{\mathrm{R}}_{\mathrm{f}2},\dots, {\mathrm{R}}_{\mathrm{f}\mathrm{s}}\right\} \)

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