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RDF Stores

  • Katja HoseEmail author
  • Ralf Schenkel
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Knowledge base; RDF database system; Triple store


An RDF store is a system that is optimized to manage data given in RDF (Resource Description Framework). Similar to other database systems, an RDF store uses an appropriate internal storage layout (native RDF, relational, graph, etc.,) and enables efficient query processing over the data. While there are alternative query languages to query RDF data, SPARQL has become the de facto standard that is supported by RDF stores. Inferencing, i.e., logically deducing information that is not explicitly contained in the stored data based on RDFS and OWL ontologies, is a special extension that is not supported by all RDF stores.

Historical Background

RDF has been developed as a general-purpose format to describe metadata on the Web. But RDF has gained particular popularity as a data format for the Semantic Web and as a very flexible data format to store information obtained by information extraction, e.g., from Web sources such...

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