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Near-Duplicate Retrieval

  • Heng Tao ShenEmail author
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Being a relatively new topic in the research society, near-duplicate video retrieval (NDVR) has a variety of definitions on near-duplicate videos (NDVs). Representative definitions include those defined in [1, 2]. In [1], NDVs are defined as those videos which have the same semantics, “but appear differently due to various changes introduced during capturing time (camera view point and setting, lighting condition, etc.), transformations (video format, frame rate, resize, crop, contrast, brightness, etc.), and editing operations (frame insertion, deletion, and content modification).” In [2], while the human perception of NDV matches many of the features presented in its technical definitions with respect to manipulations of visual content in [1], similar videos differing in overlaid or added visual content with additional information were not perceived as near-duplicates. Conversely, two different videos with distinct people and scenarios were considered to be...

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