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2018 Edition
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Biological Metadata Management

  • Zoé LacroixEmail author
  • Cartik R. Kothari
  • Peter Mork
  • Mark D. Wilkinson
  • Sarah Cohen-Boulakia
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Metadata characterize biological resources by core information including a name, a description of its input and its output (parameters or format), its address, and various additional properties. Resources are organized with respect to metadata that characterize their content (for data sources), their semantics (in terms of ontological classes and relationships), their characteristics (syntactical properties), their performance (with metrics and benchmarks), their quality (curation, reliability, trust), etc.

Historical Background

Digital resources for the Life Sciences include a variety of data sources and applications whose number increases dramatically every year [4]. Although this rich and valuable offering provides scientists with multiple options to implement and execute their scientific protocols (i.e., pipelines, dataflows, workflows), selecting the resources suitable for implementing each scientific step remains a difficult task. Scientific protocols are typically...

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