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2018 Edition
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Temporal Strata

  • Kristian TorpEmail author
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Layered architecture; Temporal layer; Temporal middleware; Wrapper


A temporal stratum is an architecture for implementing a temporal DBMS. The stratum is a software layer that sits on top of an existing DBMS. The layer translates a query written in a temporal query language into one or more queries in a conventional query language (typically SQL). The translated queries can then be executed by the underlying DBMS. The DBMS returns the result of the query to the user directly or via the stratum. The core idea of the stratum is to provide new temporal query functionality to the users without changing the underlying DBMS. A temporal stratum can be implemented as a simple translator (temporal SQL to standard SQL) or as an advanced software component that also does part of the query processing and optimization. In the latter case, the temporal stratum can implement query processing algorithms that take the special nature of temporal data into consideration. Examples are...

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