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Applications of Sensor Network Data Management

  • Farnoush Banaei-KashaniEmail author
  • Cyrus Shahabi
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Applications of sensor databases; Applications of sensor network databases; Applications of sensor networks


Sensor networks allow for micro-monitoring of different phenomena of interest in arbitrary physical environments. With this unique capability, sensor networks can capture the events in the real world as they happen in the form of high-resolution spatiotemporal data of various modalities and provide the opportunity for real-time querying and analysis of the data for immediate response and control. Such functionality is desirable in many classic applications while enabling numerous other novel applications. From the data management perspective, there is a consensus among database researchers that management and analysis of the massive, dynamic, distributed, and uncertain data in sensor network applications are going to be one of the new grand challenges for the database community:

Sensor information processing will raise many of the most interesting database...

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