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Message Queuing Systems

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Message-oriented middleware (MOM); Message-oriented systems; Messaging systems; Queuing systems


A message is an information sent by a sender process to a receiver process. A message queue is a mechanism that allows a sender process and a receiver process to exchange messages. The sender posts a message in the queue, and the receiver retrieves the message from the queue. A message queuing system provides a means to build distributed systems, where distributed processes communicate through messages exchanged via queues.

Key Points

A message queuing system provides several facilities, such as creating messages, creating queues, initializing sender and receiver processes, and providing a means to send and receive messages.

First of all, a message queuing system provides a facility to build a message and fill it with data. Properties may be associated with a message, such as the message size, the message expiration time and the message priority.

A message queuing system...

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