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IP Storage

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IP Storage is a storage device which has the capability of communicating over an IP network. The term IP Storage is usually identified with a storage device which provides block-level I/O services rather than file access services. Derived from the original meaning, the term IP Storage is sometimes used to refer to an IP SAN.

Key Points

The benefit of utilizing IP technology is its cost efficiency. Having been used for several decades, IP technology is highly mature. IP family protocols have been standardized and cheap hardware products have wide interoperability. The market has a number of excellent administration tools and educated administration personnel for IP technology. Designing and operating SANs on top of IP technology is much cheaper and easier than with Fiber Channel technology. Thus IP technology is sometimes considered to be replacement of Fiber Channel technology in entry-level SANs.

Internet SCSI (iSCSI), Internet Fiber Channel Protocol (iFCP) and Fiber...

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