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Ontology Engineering

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Ontological engineering


Ontology engineering is “the set of activities that concern the ontology development process, the ontology life cycle, and the methodologies, tools and languages for building ontologies” [1]. It provides “a basis of building models of all things in which computer science is interested” [4]. Ontology engineering aims at providing standard components for building knowledge models. Ontologies play a similar role to design rationale in mechanical design. It allows the reuse of knowledge in a knowledge base by providing conceptualization, reflecting assumptions and requirements made in the problem-solving using the knowledge base. Ontology engineering provides the means to build and use ontologies for building models.

Ontology Engineering: Details

Mizoguchi and Ikeda [4] define eight levels (from shallow to deep) of using ontologies. At level 1, ontologies are used as a common vocabulary for communication. At level 2, it is used as a conceptual...

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