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Bender, Lauretta

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Name and Degrees

Lauretta Bender MD
  • B.A. (1922) University of Chicago

  • M.A. (1923) University of Chicago

  • M.D. (1926) State of University of Iowa

Major Appointments (Institution, Location, Dates)

Bender held positions at the Hospital of the University of Chicago, the Boston Psychopathic Hospital, the University of Amsterdam, the Johns Hopkins University Hospital, and Bellevue Hospital in New York, as well as at the University of Maryland.

Major Honors and Awards

In 1955, Dr. Bender was the recipient of the Adolf Meyer Memorial Award from the American Psychiatric Association for her work on severe psychiatric disturbance in children.

Landmark Clinical, Scientific, and Professional Contributions

Loretta Bender was an early pioneer in the study of learning disabilities and severe psychiatric disturbance in children. Highly active at the professional level both as a clinician and researcher, she was involved in development of various approaches to treatment and to theories of childhood...

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References and Reading

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