Encyclopedia of Autism Spectrum Disorders

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| Editors: Fred R. Volkmar

Token Test for Children – Second Edition (TTFC-2)

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4614-6435-8_102526-1



The Token Test for Children, Second Edition (TTFC-2) is a quick 10- to 15-min screening measure intended for identifying receptive language difficulties in children ages 3–12 years and 11 months. The overall score reflects the child’s ability to follow multiple-step oral directions, understand spoken language components, and recall short-term auditory memory. Syntactic structures, knowledge of prepositional and relational concepts, and semantic development are among the linguistic components assessed. The TTFC-2 manual notes that the test is an effective addition to comprehensive language assessment as a means of gathering targeted information of receptive language skills. Results from the TTFC-2 provide specified information that allows clinicians to glean the relative impact of receptive language difficulties and “subtle language deficits” on functional language and communication outcomes (Harris et al. 1983). Harris et al.’s (1983) exploration reveals...

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