Encyclopedia of Systems and Control

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| Editors: John Baillieul, Tariq Samad

Single-photon coherent feedback control and filtering

Living reference work entry
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4471-5102-9_100156-1


A light field is in a k-photon state if it contains exactlyk photons. Due to their highly quantum nature, photon states hold promising applications in quantum communication, computing, metrology, and simulations. Recently, there has been rapidly growing interest in the generation and manipulation of various photon states. A new and important problem in the field of control engineering is: How to analyze and synthesize quantum systems driven by photon states to achieve pre-specified control performance? In this survey, we introduce single-photon states and show how a quantum linear system processes a single-photon input and how to use linear coherent feedback networks to shape the temporal pulse of a single photon. A single-photon filter is also presented. (An extended version of this survey can be found at arXiv:1902.10961.)


Quantum control systems Filtering Coherent feedback control 
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I wish to thank financial support from the Hong Kong Research Grant Council under grants 15206915, 15208418, and 15203619.


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