International Mobile Satellite Organization (IMSO)

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Founded in 1979 as the International Maritime Satellite Organization (Inmarsat) to establish a satellite system to improve maritime communications for distress and safety and commercial applications. Its competence was subsequently expanded to include aeronautical and land mobile communications. Privatization, which was completed in April 1999, transferred the business to a newly created company and the Organization remains as a regulator to ensure that the company fulfils its public services obligations. The company has taken the Inmarsat name and the Organization uses the acronym IMSO. In Feb. 2018 the Organization had 102 member parties.

Organization. The Assembly of all Parties to the Convention meets every two years.

  • Headquarters: 99 City Rd, London, EC1Y 1AX, UK.

  • IMSO Website:

  • Email:

  • Inmarsat Website:

  • Director General, IMSO: Capt. Moin Ahmed (Bangladesh).

  • Chief Executive, Inmarsat Ltd: Rupert Pearce (United Kingdom).

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