Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxxi
  2. Crystal geometry and symmetry

    1. E. Koch
      Pages 2-5
    2. E. Koch
      Pages 10-14
  3. Diffraction geometry and its practical realization

    1. J. R. Helliwell
      Pages 24-25
    2. J. R. Helliwell
      Pages 26-41
    3. W. Parrish, J. I. Langford
      Pages 42-79
    4. B. Buras, W. I. F. David, L. Gerward, J. D. Jorgensen, B. T. M. Willis
      Pages 84-88
    5. O. Glatter, R. May
      Pages 89-112
    6. A. R. Lang
      Pages 113-123
    7. M. Schlenker, J. Baruchel
      Pages 124-125
    8. G. S. Smith, C. F. Majkrzak
      Pages 126-146
  4. Preparation and examination of specimens

    1. F. M. Richards, P. F. Lindley
      Pages 156-159
    2. E. S. Larsen Jr, R. Meyrowitz, A. J. C. Wilson
      Pages 160-161
    3. N. J. Tighe, J. R. Fryer, H. M. Flower
      Pages 171-176
    4. B. T. M. Willis
      Pages 177-184

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The purpose of Volume C is to provide the mathematical, physical and chemical information needed for experimental studies in structural crystallography. The volume covers all aspects of experimental techniques, using all three principal radiation types, from the selection and mounting of crystals and production of radiation, through data collection and analysis, to interpretation of results. As such, it is an essential source of information for all workers using crystallographic techniques in physics, chemistry, metallurgy, earth sciences and molecular biology.


chemistry crystal crystallography diffraction formation lattice parameter metallurgy metals symmetry

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