Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxvii
  2. General Aspects and Introductory Material

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Pamela Maffioli, Giuseppe Derosa
      Pages 3-21
    3. Giulia Bernardini, Maurizio Orlandini, Federico Galvagni, Annalisa Santucci
      Pages 23-46
    4. Raquel Lucas, Ana Martins, Teresa Monjardino, Joana Caetano-Lopes, João Eurico Fonseca
      Pages 71-104
  3. Body Fluids, Tissue, and Specific Biomarkers

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 155-155
    2. Élie Abed, Pascal Reboul, Daniel Lajeunesse
      Pages 157-175
    3. Patrizia D’Eufemia, Mauro Celli, Anna Zambrano, Roberto Finocchiaro
      Pages 177-199
    4. Antoon H. van Lierop, Socrates E. Papapoulos
      Pages 221-237
    5. Bongkun Choi, Eun-Ju Chang
      Pages 253-265
    6. Juliane Isaac, Guilhem Lignon, Jaime Jacques, Ariane Berdal
      Pages 267-300
    7. Michelino Di Rosa, Lucia Malaguarnera
      Pages 301-327
    8. Yukiho Kobayashi, Carolina Duarte, Keiji Moriyama
      Pages 329-353
    9. Janet M. Pritchard, Thomas L. Willett
      Pages 355-392
  4. Genetic, Histological, Physical, and Imaging Methods

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 463-463
    2. Amélie E. Coudert, Marie-Christine de Vernejoul
      Pages 465-485
    3. Poornima Govindraju, T. S. Mahesh Kumar, Poornima Chandra, P. Balaji, M. B. Sowbhagya
      Pages 507-528
    4. James D. Johnston, Wadena D. Burnett, Saija A. Kontulainen
      Pages 529-555
    5. William D. Leslie, Neil Binkley
      Pages 587-620
    6. Vera Zymbal, Fátima Baptista, Paulo Fernandes, Kathleen F. Janz
      Pages 621-645
    7. Shin-Ichiro Nishimura, Takeshi Ishihara, Norimasa Iwasaki
      Pages 647-669
    8. Catherine Bosser, Agathe Ogier, Laurianne Imbert, Thierry Hoc
      Pages 671-697
    9. Paola Gaio, Marco Daverio, Margherita Fantinato, Giovanna Verlato
      Pages 699-716
  5. Specific Diseases and Conditions

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 717-717
    2. Gitte Roende, Jens-Erik Beck Jensen
      Pages 719-736
    3. Maria F. G. Biagioni, Adriana L. Mendes, Sergio A. R. Paiva, Glaucia M. F. S. Mazeto
      Pages 737-754
    4. Mark Bloch, Giovanni Guaraldi
      Pages 755-781
    5. Despina D. Briana, Ariadne Malamitsi-Puchner
      Pages 783-794
    6. Despina D. Briana, Ariadne Malamitsi-Puchner
      Pages 819-830
    7. Cristina Ruiz-Romero, Patricia Fernández-Puente, Francisco J. Blanco
      Pages 831-847
    8. Anna Lubkowska, Aleksandra Radecka, Jan Mieszkowski
      Pages 849-881
    9. Jean-Pierre Devogelaer, Anne Durnez, Damien Gruson, Daniel H. Manicourt
      Pages 905-932
    10. Magdalena Fernández García, José L. Hernández
      Pages 933-958
    11. Roop Singh
      Pages 959-992
    12. M. P. Engbersen, Z. Huang, V. B. Kraus
      Pages 993-1021
    13. Alexander E. Berezin
      Pages 1023-1043

About this book


There are many conditions that affect the skeletal system. On a worldwide basis, osteoarthritis alone affects 10%-15 percent of those over 60 years of age and in some countries more than 30-50% of postmenopausal women will have osteopenia or osteoporosis. With the increasing ageing population, maintaining skeletal health is particularly important. Fractures in the aged, for example, can lead to premature deaths. It is therefore imperative that appropriate use is made of conventional, new and emerging biomarker platforms.  Biomarkers in Bone Disease  embraces a holistic approach by combining information on different conditions that affect the skeletal system and the use of biomarkers. Biomarkers are described in terms of conventional, new and emerging analytes, techniques, platforms and applications. It covers the latest knowledge, trends and innovations. New platforms are described which combine advances in biomedical sciences, physics, computing and chemistry.


Application to prognosis Biomarkers in disease Cancer Research Discovery of biomarkers High throughput technologies

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  • Vinood B. Patel
    • 1
  • Victor R. Preedy
    • 2
  1. 1.Department of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Science and TechnologyUniversity of WestminsterLondonUnited Kingdom
  2. 2.Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Division of Diabetes and Nutritional Sciences, Faculty of Life Sciences and MedicineKing’s College LondonLondonUnited Kingdom

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